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There is a smirk that flows on plush red lips, taking a sip of her soda that was settled just nearby.  “Oh good, tall, dark and exceedingly handsome is going to be home soon.”  Tongue touched her upper lip.  “Oh honey, you ain’t seen nothin’ of these magic fingers.”  It was suggestive and naturally so.  

Derek let out a rumbling chuckle as he pushed away from the SUV to open the door — Hotch coming around the side to driver’s. “Gonna give me a demonstration, then?” Glancing up as he climbed into the SUV, he smirked — Settling in.

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ℳ℮ℳℴℜι℮Ș [Jason//Kelsey] {Power Rangers Zeo}


Jason shook his head; he’s going to need to talk to Tommy and the others.  Let them know.  Well, they all needed to know because they all cared.  He’ll leave Tommy to telling Kelly; because the brunette deserved to hear it from him the most.  “He is, but you’ve got me, and the rest of us.  We’re not going down without a fight.”

"I’m tired of having to fight him." She sort of sagged against him, fingers curling a bit into his shirt. "He— He had life… He can’t be out.” Tommy and Jason had worked hard with Lt. Stone to make sure her father would get life — So how could he be out and walking?

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"—- Hey baby girl, we’re headed home early thanks to your magic fingers."

There was a smile in Derek’s voice as the BAU Agent spoke, leaning against the passenger door of the SUV — Idly watching the cops as they milled about, the body of the unsub laid in a body bag.

ℓσsє YOUR ˙p u ᴉ ɯ


“Yes, Deaton.”  Peter always found the man to have cryptic means.  But he would admit that he was good at both of his jobs.  “You need to take your mind off of this.”  He murmurs, before he wanders out of the room; knowing the teen will be curious enough to follow.

Stiles blinked, amber gaze flickering to follow Peter as the wolf moved toward the door. He sat there for a moment before sliding off of the bed, disentangling himself from the sheets. Only in his boxers, he padded after Peter curiously.

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m i r r o r ; MIRROR


The Italian had been busy in the kitchen.  There would be a plate on the Island in the middle of the kitchen, which was large and roomy and had all the appliances you would think ordinary to one and some not.  Frediano liked to keep his kitchen roomy, with plenty of space to move – and have a large amount of people in, should he ever require it.  There was a thick burger, topped with bacon and cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and pickle.  A mound of fries.  And a bottle of beer.  

The moment Tom had stepped into the kitchen his stomach growled at the smell of food, and idly the ex-miner realized it’d been a few days since he’d actually eaten a solid meal. He took a moment to look about the kitchen. What he’d seen of Frediano’s house so far was impressive — The Italian must have made a lot of money.

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here are some christmas lights for your blog!

(i made these so please don’t repost<3)

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When I find out my friend has never seen my favorite show






omfg this is so accurate

This gif is creepy as fuck

and that is why it is so accurate

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